Rob De Groof Hypnosis Training

This is the recording of the very last live training Jeffrey Stephens did. The videos are very exclusive and only available at the European Hypnosis Academy. You will get all the latest information and Jeffrey’s most recent adaptation on his own protocol. This is the full recording of the entire training. With live demonstrations done by Jeffrey.

Module 1: Beginning with Context and Intent
Module 2: Including Techniques Related to Instant Hand Drop Induction and Five Step Exduction
Module 3: Including the Boilerplate and Super Suggestion
Module 4: Which includes Induction Demonstrations and Covert Tests in Fractionation
Module 5: Beginning with the Ten Step Outline of Process and How to Get Phenomena
Module 6: Inside Complex Deepeners, The Golden Box and The Magic Mirror
Module 7: Symbology, waking hypnosis and speaking to the subconscious
Module 8: See Actual, Complete, Start-to-Finish Change work Sessions of 20 Minutes or less

The system includes Eight Online Video Training Modules and a detailed Hypnosis Training Manual that gives you all the scripts, bullet-points and techniques you’ll need to use Jeff’s process on your hypnotic subjects.  

Learn 22 Fast & Powerful Inductions. Demonstrated and explained by European Hypnosis Academy Head Trainer and renowned hypnotist Rob De Groof.

In this online training Rob will also teach you how to use instant inductions in a safe and responsible way. He gives tips and tricks on how to learn and practise these techniques and be way more effective and successful as a hypnotist.

Jeffrey’s “Black Room” Technique is a method of modelling the behavior of another person in a fast, comfortable and easy way. It allows your client to take selected behaviors and skill sets observed (or imagined) in others and make them their own.

In this online training taught by Rob De Groof (official Jeffrey Stephens Trainer) you will learn the blueprint of this method. The training includes several demonstrations of this wonderful technique conducted by Jeffrey and Rob. Rob also explains how he and some of his students conducted a very successful experiment on using this technique for future pacing after the change work is done.

Jeffrey Stephens’s Symbology is fantastic for dealing with common fears and phobias such as spiders, heights, public speaking, and taking exams. It can resolve the issue quickly and easily and leaves the client with resources for future empowerment! BUT… not only is Symbology good for ‘removing’ unwanted and unpleasant things. It is also fantastic for installing emotions and empowering thoughts and beliefs such as confidence, certainty, personal strength and power. Help your clients become the kind of people they want and need to be to live the lives they truly desire. You can do that for your clients using the Symbology Method in a quick and easy to learn way. In this online training taught by Rob De Groof (official Jeffrey Stephens Trainer) you will learn the blueprint to be able to perform this type of sessions with confidence. This training includes a number of demonstrations conducted by Jeffrey and Rob

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