The Blueprint and The Island Metaphors

‘The Blueprint’ – The Blueprint Hypnotherapy Training

The Blueprint ensures that as a Therapist, you never need to work with ‘symptoms’ again.  Just as the sub-conscious mind stores negatives/bad experiences/trauma etc, did you know it also has the mechanisms to release and heal the client?  What it lacks is resources and logic. The Blueprint facilitates the ‘release‘ of anything and everything which is held in the sub-conscious mind and is having a negative effect on the client.
So you never need to work with symptoms again. Happy therapists, happy clients. We look forward to welcoming you on the Certificated Practitioner course.
You will learn 1-2-1, approx 3.5 hours direct with me, Matt Gilbert.  I love the personal approach.  After booking your session, we’ll coordinate a time to suit.  Speak soon.

Online training fee AUD $455

John Gotelee ‘The Island’ – 50 Content free metaphors.

The Island‘ is a collection of totally Content Free metaphors, co-authored by John Gotelee.  As the name suggests, they are set on an imaginary Island with a vast array of environments for therapeutic change.
Being Content Free, these Mataphors help to
release what is held onto by the sub-conscious mind and ultimately resource the client’s ‘new version’. John has been a Hypnotherapist for over 20 years and brings all of his experience to this intuitive collection of ready-to-use scripts.

The Island Metaphors AUD $159


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