How To Register For Training. To join as a student of any training, or to purchase any protocol just follow the clicks to purchase and pay securely via PayPal with your Credit or Debit card. If you register for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, the Diploma of Mesmerism, or the Mind Body Healing (MBH) Cancer and Psycho-Somatic disease training, at the check out you’ll create a username and password which will enable you access to the training information and applicable training videos in the relvelant section of the Student Training and Resource Centre. If you joined an online Diploma program you’ll get endless access into the entire resource centre for 12 months so you can watch as often and as much as you like. You’ll begin immediately after registration; you’ll recieve and email containing download links to register for the Resource Centre and download your PDF training manuals. How To Login to the Resource Centre  Once you’ve joined the site or been sent a login username and password email, on a desktop laptop or tablet you’ll find the login area at the top right side of the front page. After logging in you will be taken to your dashboard. If the dashboard appears blank just log out and log back in and the icons will appear. On a mobile phone, if the screen is horozontal you’ll see the login on the right hand side, if it is verticle then just click the drop down arrows in the centre at the top of the page and the login area will drop down. If you purchased an MP3 Program a download link for the program will be sent automatically to your inbox. If you cannot see it please check your spam.

If you experience any issues logging into the Resource Centre – Please email [email protected]

If You Enrolled In A Training With One Of Our International Trainers: You will either get instant access or you’ll get an email from the training organisation within 12 hours.

Why Study with Hypno-University? Because Hypno-University training delivers the very best professional hypnosis and mesmerism training available. All of the courses an protocols are formatted and delivered by internationally renowned expert hypnotherapists and hypnosis trainers, possessed of many years of clinical practice and hypnosis training experience.

Our Diploma Courses Mean Something. The Diplomas are comprehensive and professionally formatted as are the protocols and additional training courses offered here. The curriculums are complete and thorough in all of their facets. Our training ensures that you’ll have the confidence and the competence to use hypnosis safely and effectively. The training is comprehensive, not cheap and basic online crash courses.

Who Is Hypno-University?  Hypno-University is the international division of Mind Motivations and The Australian Academy of Hypnosis, presenting the very finest Hypnosis and Mesmerism online training and study available anywhere. All Hypno-University training is professionally presented by Internationally renowned Hypnosis Trainer Rick Collingwood.

How Long Does It Take? As an indication the Diploma studies will take twelve months at approximately 10 hours per week study application. If you can dedicate more time, you’ll complete your training faster. Upon passing the required 150 question “open book” examination you’ll receive your A3 size Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy or Diploma of Mesmerism including the related Transcript of Studies within 21 days of receipt of your examination.

Can I Do Hypnosis? Although it may seem hypnosis might be hard to learn, it’s not. It is no more difficult that learning any skill. The process begins with familiarisation and is enhanced by passion practice and persistence. Everyone begins somewhere. Becoming a competent and skilled hypnotist or hypnotherapist is a learned skill. It’s the philosophy of Hypno-University that all students have an effective easy and fun learning experience. Your Diploma will be testament that you’ve been trained correctly and become a confident and competent Hypno-University trained hypnotist or mesmerist.

After You Graduate? Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll have enough competence to practice hypnosis part time or professionally. You’ll have permanent recourse to your training manuals and to assist your professionalism you can maintain membership into the online training and resource centre at a permanently discounted fee of only AUD $127 per year.

Refund Policy. Once training has begun you’ll have adequate support and we’ll work to ensure that you have a great learning experience. If you have any access problems to your training materials, we’ll ensure they are rectified as quickly as possible.
After purchase and registration significant and valuable PDF training manuals are delivered immediately via email. Therefore, except for our obligation to ensure your access to the materials, after purchase and registration there is no cooling off period and absolutely no refunds. Upon registration you have automatically agreed to the refund policy.

All Diplomas are professionally printed A3 size and issued with a Transcript of Studies by Hypno-University. Hypno-University is a trading name only and is NOT an officially registered university or academically recognised training institution.

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