Hypno-University Offers The World’s Finest Hypnosis Hypnotherapy and Mesmerism Training &  Mentoring Programs  

Online Training

Learn Hypnosis –  Hypnotherapy – Mesmerism – and Deep Trance Techniques from the world’s master trainers in your own time at your own pace. Hypno-University training is presented by Rick Collingwood and some of the world’s finest hypnosis trainers. You can study at your own pace for – a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – A Diploma of Mesmerism – or a Certificate of Mind-Body Healing. Choose your training course options and therapy protocols from some of the world’s most outstanding Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and Mesmerism trainers.

Resource Centre

Get immediate access into the online hypnosis training and resource centre. Enjoy endless learning and continued education from 100s of “filmed in class” training videos and  many various hypnosis training courses, including Conversational Hypnosis – The Swan Protocol and Stage Hypnosis. Plus 100s of Ebook PDFs and much more.

Our huge professional resource centre is a perfect “One Stop” for all new and experienced hypnotists and hypnotherapists. Get immediate access to all of the trainings and information right now. 

Hypnotherpy Protocols

You can have effective Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy – Mesmerism methods and techniques. Hypno-University offers all international students absolute top quality professionally created Hypnosis and Mesmerism training programs and therapy protocols.

Proven, time tested, hypnotherapy techniques and protocols for Quitting Smoking – Eating Control – Depression and Anxiety and much more. Learn at your own pace in your own time from many of the worlds very best contemporary professional Hypnotherpists and Hypnosis Trainers. 



Welcome to the world’s No 1 international Hypnotherapy and Mesmerism training website and resource centre

Here you’ll find professional self paced Hypnosis Hypnotherapy and Mesmerism training, a huge training and resource centre, plus other Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training protocols from some of the world’s leading hypnosis trainers. If you want to learn hypnosis get professional mentoring or gain access to 100s of hours of training videos and information you’ve found the right website. Please watch the welcome video for more information?




If you’ve recently completed your training and opened your practice. It doesn’t end there, it’s just the beginning of your new career, so you’re probably asking yourself what now? To ensure success you shouldn’t try to go it alone.

You can gain access to high quality Skype mentoring directly with Rick Collingwood, one of the worlds most experienced professional Hypnotherapists and Hypnosis and Mesmerism Trainers. All hypnotherapists need mentoring to debrief – to find answers for clinical challenges – and to help them grow both clinically and professionally. Hypno-University has you covered – Rick Collingwoods professional skype mentoring program available to join right now.